Why selling your car to a car buying service makes good financial sense

Why selling your car to a car buying service makes good financial sense

There are many ways to sell a car. You could post a message on Facebook or Twitter and ask if your friends want to buy it, put an advert in a local newspaper for several weeks (but this can cost a lot of money), or you can try selling your car online on a car buying service website. There are many benefits of selling to a car buying service.any accounts:

Minimal or no fees

There are no fees attributed to using a car buying service. It doesn’t matter how much a vehicle is sold for. This is because you will receive all of it and not a penny is deducted.


Free quote

There are many companies around which offer a car buying service. A quote from each can be provided free of charge. Often you simply enter your car registration number and you get a free quote. An example of such a website that offers this is The Car Buying Service, who provides you with a free and instant car valuation for your car. By entering your registration plate, you will have an accurate quote seconds later. Simple.

Helpful advice

A car buying service could offer advice about how to increase the value of the vehicle you are selling. If it has broken headlights or its wheels are flat, a car buying service could recommend replacing them and any other parts which should be fixed. After they have been replaced, a car buying service will often purchase it for a much higher price.

Admin fees

When selling a vehicle, admin fees might have to be paid but this doesn’t happen with a car buying service. This is because they aren’t charged and the final sum of money which has to be paid won’t have an admin fee deducted.

Money is provided instantly

When a car is sold through an advertisement which is placed in a local newspaper, they might pay for it with a cheque. This is inconvenient, especially as it takes five working days for funds to be deposited into your account. With a car buying service you will most likely have money in your bank account within 24 hours via bank transfer.

No advertisement fees

Although it is a small, nominal fee, putting an advert for the vehicle which you’re selling into a newsagents window does cost money. When a car buying service is chosen, all that has to be paid is the cost of a phone call for contacting them. If you call a local number, you will only have to pay a couple of pence.

As there is a lot to recommend a car buying service, why not contact a company that offers it?

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