Why a second hand car is the best option for your teenager

Why a second hand car is the best option for your teenager

Is your teenager capable of getting behind the wheel independently for the first time in their lives? If so, you must be feeling a lot of pressure to buy them a car with which they will better their driving their experience and besides, gain control over their lives. While parents and guardians are willing to purchase cars for their teenagers, few of them easily make the decision between new and second hand cars. Most of them have the feeling that a new car would be the perfect choice for a teenager; to some extent, this is true since teenagers can be picky about what gets bought for them although a caring parent would certainly change their mind after considering the benefits of a second hand car.

Low cost

One of the obvious benefits a parent or guardian enjoys while buying a second hand car for their teenage child is price. The cost of buying a second hand car is relatively low than that of purchasing brand new. If you are working on a limited budget and under stressing pressure from your child, a used automobile would be the ideal choice.

Repair and detailing costs are relatively low

As you will realize, the repair and detailing costs for a second hand car are relatively cheap than those of a new car. The one reason why you are probably buying a car for the teenager is because you want them to be responsible so it is expected that they will be the ones to maintain, detail and fuel their ride. To ease the burden, talk them into in these benefits and let them see the reality. If you provide everything for your child, it is obvious that you do not want a burden similar to the one heaved upon you by your own car which would make a used great for the teenager.

Driving experience

However hard they claim to be pros, a parent knows that a teenage driver is more likely to get involved in accidents or might damage their car otherwise. A used car would be a good selection for one who is learning to drive. Neither you nor your teenager will feel the pain should the automobile crash or get some scratches after running off the road or hitting some obstacle. Even older people learn to drive carefully in second hand cars after which they upgrade to brand new rides.


It is a fact that insurance companies impose high premiums to young drivers considering their inexperience and likelihood of making a claim. This could be worsened by the purchase of a new car which is another of the reasons why an insurance company might charge higher rates for an automobile cover. Second hand cars are however cheaper to insure and often the best choice for a teenager who does not have a reliable source of income. Besides, it is hard for a teenager to access discounts which are available to older people. You can contact dealers who advertise second hand cars for sale on the Internet.

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