Trucking Companies Hiring Good Drivers

Trucking Companies Hiring Good Drivers

The open road is the workplace of a professional trucker. Each job takes you through a wide range of landscapes and brings you into contact with interesting people from all walks of life. You are never in one spot for very long, and you are always adjusting to changing weather and traffic conditions.


When you first make your investment in a tractor-trailer or you terminate your relationship with a freight company, you are looking for trucking companies hiring owner-operators. You are driven like other owner-operators who want to challenge themselves as small business owners. They want to purchase a tractor-trailer and hire out their service – hauling loads on the open road. They see ownership as a path to financial independence, or at least greater control over their own work life and being their own boss.


If you’re ready to make that commitment, look to Landstar. As an experienced truck driver, you understand the industry. You know what loads to choose and what areas are best for hauling. So why not be your own boss and take advantage of joining the great team of other owner-operators when you lease to Landstar! You’ll choose what loads to haul and when you haul them. What could be better?


We may be one of the many trucking companies hiring, but there’s only one Landstar! Find out today how you can join one of the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For, according to a survey by the Truckload Carriers Association.

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