Trucking and Transportation Statistics

Trucking and Transportation Statistics

The trucking industry is the true backbone of America. It plays an essential part in every industry in the United States, including clothes, food, medicine, electronics, plumbing, construction materials and gasoline. The key role of trucking in the economy is growing exponentially. In fact, the projected increase in tractor-trailer truck driving jobs by 2020 is 26 percent. In addition, the percentage of total freight transported in the United States by trucks is 67 percent. Add to that a 66 percent expected increase in trucking industry revenue by 2022, and you can see how valuable the industry is to the economic success of the nation.


With 9.2 billion tons of freight transported annually, approximately $603.9 billion is produced in annual gross freight revenue. Trucking fuels the economy. For instance, each year commercial truck use 52 billion gallons of fuel, but the industry spends $150 billion annually on fueling their trucks. Trucks move international cargo in addition to domestic freight, and they play a pivotal role in moving shipping containers from ocean ports to their final destinations across the United States. The top containerized imports include auto parts, electronic products, apparel, footwear and furniture. Many people believe that long-haul trucking is dangerous, but only 2.4 percent of all vehicle accidents involve commercial trucks. Also, truck driving is an ideal way to see the country in a way that few others experience.

Big Rig Truckers: Unsung Heroes of American Transportation (Infographic)

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