Top Tips For Buying An Affordable Car

Top Tips For Buying An Affordable Car

When it comes to shopping for cars online, there is a great way to get it all done at a price you can afford. You should never go blind into a dealership and automatically expect the best deal to be handed right to you. In order to get the best deal and drive home in affordable car you have to do a little bit of leg work. Below are some top tips for buying an affordable car in the modern world on the online automotive marketplace.

Use A Car Finance Calculator

When looking at financing a car the best way to buy an affordable car is to use a car finance calculator that gives you lots of options like car loan, lease and loan comparisons, as well as an affordability breakdown. is the best place to gather all of this information on one website. Just type in your desired payment per month, and you’ll get all of this and more. Once you’ve calculated the value of the loan you’ll need, you can search cars in your area by loan amount so you can be sure to get into a car that you really can afford.

Do A Side By Side Comparison

In the event that you find two cars you really like, you can return to and do a side by side comparison. This will help you determine exactly what each car offers that the other does not, and will help you narrow your choice down more easily in one area. Rather than flipping back and forth between web pages or dealer pages, your comparison is right in front of you with each car side by side with a full range of specs and pricing.

Get It All In Writing

One of the biggest ways your car goes from affordable to not-so-affordable is the moment the dealer adds all those taxes and fees. You might have thought you negotiated a great price on the car you want to drive home, but when you get the final bill you find out there are thousands added in taxes and fees. The best way to avoid this calamity is to get the price in writing from the dealer with a complete breakdown of all taxes and licensing fees attached.

Use An App To Sell Your Car

Instead of taking your car to a dealer, you can list it on a cool app with on the go. Available for both Android and iPhone, the Quick Offer App actually helps you avoid the dealers all together. Simply list your car and you can compare up to four cash offers at one time from different dealers. You can often sell your car as fast as within one day on this cool app. The app is also great for searching through millions of cars and doing your own dealership comparisons in person with their VIN scan system. You can go to a dealership, scan a VIN number using your phone, and get up to the moment pricing information. Then use this information to compare cars at nearby dealers for the best deal.



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