Tips for Summer Car Maintenance and Maximising Your Vehicles Value

Tips for Summer Car Maintenance and Maximising Your Vehicles Value

Summer is not usually the time of year when individuals see the need to maintain vehicles; it’s the time where you show them off and enjoy their use, right? This is right of course, but there are certain things that you should be keeping an eye on such as your coolant levels. As with anything, regular maintenance is really important to ensure that bigger problems don’t occur, and keeping an eye on the smaller things can prove to be really beneficial. Besides, a well-maintained car is going to keep maximum value as well, which benefits you if you decide to sell your vehicle on.


Breakdown Cover

A really important, and cheap, essential is to ensure you have breakdown cover. You need a good policy in case anything happens whilst you are enjoying cruising around in the sunshine. Breaking down is a complete nightmare, but a good policy can be a massive relief to have when circumstances do arise and save you a fortune. If you need a true valuation for your policy, you can use a car price guide online.

Coolant Levels

Failing to check your coolant levels can leave you with a nasty surprise and a hefty bill. You should be checking that your levels are okay on a regular basis. This is even more essential in the hot months to prevent your vehicle overheating. You should check the minimum and maximum marks on a weekly basis to ensure your levels are okay. Make sure you check this when your vehicles engine is cold. Depending on the value of your car, you might find that leaving an issue here could cost more than your car is worth, so you might end up using that car price guide for different and more expensive reasons.

Cooling Fan

The cooling fan is intended to prevent your vehicle from overheating and is activated automatically when your vehicle heats up. The fan brings the cool air in through the radiator to the engine. If this fan is not working, then the coolant can boil causing a great amount of damage to your vehicles engine.

You can check your cooling fan by turning the heater onto cold and leaving your vehicle to run until it reaches average temperatures; usually the middle of the gauge). You can park your vehicle, leave the engine running, and wait five minutes. At this point, your fan should successfully start-up. If the fan doesn’t start, or your vehicle spirals in temperature whilst parked, then this could mean you have a problem. Turn of your vehicles engine and find a reputable garage or mechanic that can help you.

If you want to maximise the value of your vehicle, then you need to make sure you maintain it on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to mean much work, but doing so will save bigger jobs being required, a lot of expense, and will ensure that your vehicle stays at the maximum value. Make sure you enjoy your vehicle in the summer; don’t forget that it might not be snowing or freezing out there, but your vehicle still needs maintaining. Keep an eye on overheating, your coolant levels, your cooling fan, and your tyre pressure too. You will benefit in the long-term, your vehicle will be more reliable, and the value of your vehicle will stay at its maximum for longer.

Maintaining a vehicle is simple when you are used to making a number of checks. It’s always important to regularly carry out maintenance so you can enjoy your vehicle as much as possible without faults, breakdowns, and costly repairs. You can utilise a car price guide if you need to sell your vehicle and get the maximum you can for your efforts.

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