Motor Bikes: A new source of pride

Motor Bikes: A new source of pride

Motor bikes are a cheap source of transportation as compared to other means of transportation like automobiles and cars. They are not only the cheap source but also a stylish vehicle whose popularity is increasing day by day. Different types of bikes are being introduced in market especially heavy bikes are getting so common because they are supposed to be rode by muscular and strong men.

Motor bikes are easy to ride and when stuck in the traffic, they help people moving faster. They are also very economic. They do not consume a lot of fuel which is why they are mostly purchased by the middle class. Heavy bikes do consume a good amount of fuel but they are mostly purchased by the upper classes of society who can afford its cost easily.

Women also like to ride motor bikes but in many countries, it is more of a taboo if women or girls ride bikes. There is no harm in driving cars but many societies do have issues with the bikes. However, in many countries different models of motor bikes are being introduced and the number is on rise on daily basis as more and more women are taking interest in riding their own vehicles instead of getting help from a family member to drive them in their working places and offices. Many women think that motor bikes represent that they are strong like men and also independent. They feel a sense of equality with men.

So, motor bikes are a good source of transportation and also a cheap one by which two people can reach their destinations or have fun on the roads. The companies should advertise more of women bikes so that all women can become independent and ride their own vehicle. They should not be dependent on men for rest of their lives anymore.

Motorbikes have Many various and diversified typeswhich have been designed and produced to serve different purposes, meet customers different requirements and preferences, and to suit various classes.

The most Famous Types of Motorbikes

•  Standard

•  Naked

•  Off-Road

•  On-Off Road

•  Dual Purpose

•  Roadster

•  Custom Cruiser

•  Sport

•  Sportminicycle

•  Road

•  Sport-Touring

•  Cruiser

•  SuperSport

•  Street Bike

•  Youth

•  Touring Cruiser

•  Adventure

•  Scooter

•  Enduro

•  Track

•  Touring

• Sportster

•  Chopper

• Supermoto

•  Superbike

•  Motocross

•  Touring Scooter

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