ISUZU D-MAX: A New Pick Up Truck is Going to Get in 2013

ISUZU D-MAX: A New Pick Up Truck is Going to Get in 2013

A new pick up range D-Max truck has been launched in various countries, mostly in south east Asia by Isuzu, a Japanese company that makes SUV and utility vehicles. The all new pick up truck range of 2013, Isuzu D-Max, was also launched in Middle East along with South East Asia. It is astonishing to know when Isuzu is planning to launch its all new pick up truck range in car market as Australia, the United Kingdom and Thailand, the popular right hand drive markets of the world, are already using them in plenty.



Information about All New Isuzu D-Max Pick Up Twin Cab Truck

Isuzu had officially launched its D-Max twin cab and single cab pick up trucks in Australian car market just a week ago this year. But the models Isuzu launched in Australian car market belonged to previous generation of their pick up trucks. It is still wondered that despite launching its all new launched variants of D-Max trucks in various right handed driving markets why Isuzu had not launched them in Australian car market till now even though this Japanese maker of UV presently uses CBU route for importing its SUV’s and pick up trucks to Australia.

Isuzu had presented its freshly lunched D-Max range of pick up trucks with refreshing styling in their rear and front. Projector repleted headlamps, a new and stylish front bumper, a new grille in front and new tail lamps on the rear are provided to the pick up range of trucks. 2.5 Liter turbo diesel engine with 163 PS is the peak power and 400 Nm is the peak torque is placed under the hood of all new Isuzu D-Max ranges, which makes them different from the previous editions of this pick up range. Fuel efficiency is another differentiating feature of the new engine than older one. The new performance engine is really frugal in nature. In fact, you can say that, it runs by smelling the fuel.

A standard 5 speed manually operated gearbox with option of five speeds automatic transmission is matted into this new dual turbo diesel engine. TCS and ESP along with its continuous features of ABS and Airbags are the safety features added to 2013 all new D-Max by Isuzu. 4X4 and the traditional 4×2 drive options along with 4×4 accessories are provided with both the variants of new D-Max, single cab as well as double cab. Two recently established dealerships of Isuzu at Coimbatore and Hyderabad had sold the last generation pick up range of trucks in Australia.

The BS3 variant of single cab D-Max was sold as commercial pick up range of trucks whereas its twin cab version with compliance of BS4 emission norms is sold to lifestyle SUV buyers. Isuzu is planning to import and assemble the D-Max trucks and new stylish and powerful SUV’s through CKD route in Australia,India,United Kingdom and Thailand.

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