Five Tips For Avoiding a Traffic Ticket

Five Tips For Avoiding a Traffic Ticket

In some states, getting a traffic ticket will lead to big fines unless you are able to take a defensive driving course to scrub the incident from your record. In all of these places, it’s best to just avoid the ticket altogether. A smart driver can take certain steps to ensure that he’s not caught breaking the traffic laws. Here are five tips to keep you out of trouble.

Five Tips For Avoiding a Traffic Ticket

1. Invest in a radar detector

If you make a habit of driving long distances, then you should certainly invest in a high-quality radar detector. These little devices will let you know when a police officer is on the horizon, and they will give you the opportunity to drop your speed. They’re most effective on the highway, but radar detectors can be used around town, too.


2. Always follow a bait car

When you’re on the highway, there is usually at least one driver that’s willing to go first. He might be the guy who doesn’t care about speeding tickets, or he might be the guy who wants to try out his new engine. Whatever the case, make sure that you aren’t the car out in front. Though the police can decide to stop multiple people at one time, they will usually target just one car. The lead car tends to be their choice most of the time.


3. Watch for hills

Police officers like to hide just below hills on the highway. They do this for two reasons. First, you are more likely to pick up speed going down a hill, even if you have the cruise control on. On top of that, you just can’t see them when they’re positioned on the other side of a hill. If you’re trying to avoid a ticket, slow your speed when you go over a mound.


4. Be alert

Most drivers see police officers after it’s too late. That’s because they are not actively looking for those officers. You need to keep your eyes open at all times. If you’re smart, you will scan oncoming traffic for police. You will peer through the woods as you drive down the highway. This way, you can spot the police before their radar or laser spots you.


5. Drop your speed at night

Police officers have much more success at night. The darkness provides natural cover, and it can be very difficult to spot a cop at this time. You would be wise to take more precautions at night. If you’re looking to drive fast, do so when you can keep an eye on the police. Radars are getting easier and easier for cops to detect as well and so you can not put all your faith into them now days. Speeding in the dark is always a risk and you should slow down anyways because it is harder to see pedestrians or other people walking by.


Driving safe is always the best way of avoiding a ticket and getting pulled over. Just make sure that you can leave early enough so you don’t have to drive carelessly and endanger others around you. Be a good driver and don’t be that one guy that everyone hates on the road.

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