Coping with an Auto Accident Injury

Coping with an Auto Accident Injury

Have you ever driven past a terrible accident on the Interstate and wondered what was going to become of the people getting hauled away in ambulances? Chances are you might have even muttered something like, “Better them than me.”


But what if it was you that was getting loaded into the ambulance? How much work time do you think you’d miss after an accident like that? And how would you pay your bills while you’re sitting in a hospital bed? If you think your disability insurance is going to replace your regular salary, you’re sorely mistaken.

Even though you’ll be in severe physical pain, it’s critically important that you understand your legal rights and make moves to help protect your family’s financial well being.

Your First Settlement Offer

If you’ve been injured in an accident on the Interstate and are unable to work, you can pretty much guarantee that the insurance company representing the responsible parties will pay you a visit. You can also rest assured that they’ll make you a settlement offer right away.

Don’t mistake this bedside gesture as a gesture of kindness. All they’re really interested in is getting you to sign away your rights to future litigation. If they’re offering you a settlement check without a fight, it’s because they know you could potentially win a lot more from them in front of a judge.

That’s why you need to find an experienced highway accident injury lawyer to take on your case as soon as you possibly can.

Finding a Lawyer

Unless you’re a commercial truck driver, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve got the number of an auto accident attorney on your speed dial. So where can you go to find legal representation that’s qualified to handle this kind of case?

For something as specialized as this, we suggest getting in touch with your local Bar Association. These professional groups operate incredibly useful lawyer finders in every state and are more than happy to help put accident victims in touch with attorneys. (If you’re comfortable doing the research on your own, most Bar Associations run online lawyer finders, too.)

It’s recommended that accident victims interview several lawyers before deciding on one to take their case. This kind of comparison shopping goes a long way towards finding an attorney you’ll be able to work with over the long haul. (And because these cases can spend years winding through the courts, it’s a safe bet that you and your attorney are in for a long haul.)

Moving On

The road to recovery after an auto accident is long and arduous. Along with the physical pain, you’ll almost definitely suffer some pretty severe.

As we’ve pointed out, disability insurance rarely covers all your expenses and, even when it does, it normally won’t kick in until six weeks after your last day of work. Unless you’ve got six weeks of vacation saved up, you’ll be out of luck.

Hiring a good attorney is the only way of protecting your financial assets, and family well-being, while you recover from your accident.

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