Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI Quattro Review

Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI Quattro Review

Looking for a jeep from a supercar manufacturer? Audi is one of them and they make all type of vehicles pretty well. Here comes a jeep now in their awesome vehicles list, the new Audi Q5 2.0. And we’re going to talk about the TFSI Quattro review right now.


Not to be called a ‘jeep’, it’s actually a SUV. This SUV has popped out to give you the warm/fuzzy or whatever feelings you need. When you first look at this SUV, you might not be impressed. It might feel like those compact SUVs out there which are not actually rough and tough, just a vehicle bigger than a sedan, shaped like a jeep with a powerful engine. But wait, you’re thinking it wrong. The Audi Q5 is not like them. It has skills for the sealed, or the unsealed roads out there.

This German car manufacturer has now made an awesome SUV with all features that you might need. The one we are going to talk now is the 4 cylinder engine with S-tonic double clutch gearbox variant.

The interior of Q5 is quite amazing. At least the inside is not shrunken like the Q7, it has got bigger space inside. And Audi thought of convenient features, like the automatic tailgate in the back. Even if your both hands are engaged, you will not have to worry about opening the tailgate. The interior is big, yet not huge, but spacious enough to families with kids and grandparents. The visibility from driver’s seat is good.

For a SUV of this standard, even some higher standard products are ‘standard’ for this vehicle. And they are available actually, like the 6CD changer, 10 speaker sound system, climate control, dual front, side and full length curtain airbags, anti-glare rearview mirror and so on. The satellite navigations, electric tailgate, tri-zone climate control…I’m tired of naming all these!

And the driving experience is up to the marks…even sometimes beyond your expectations. The car’s gearbox is seven speeds and the clutch is double clutch gearbox. The adaptive suspension below the chassis gives you comfort even when you are not the bumpiest roads. You will not feel any pain driving.

Dynamic mode assists you in the driving, and might change your driving experience depending on how you treat the mode. There are some other driving modes built-in in the car, for different driving situations.

Now let’s look at some key specifications:

  • Price – $59,900

  • Power – 155 kW between 4300 and 6000 rpm.

  • Performance – 0 to 100 kmh in 7.2 seconds, and the top speed is 222 kmh.

  • Fuel tank – 75 liters

  • Consumption – 8.5 litres/100 km.

And that’s pretty much everything.

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