Tuning Cars

Tuning Cars

Everyday people seem to be craving for bigger and greater things. That
is not different with cars. Since time immemorial, tuning of cars has
always been given first priority whenever the efficiency of a vehicle
raises eyebrows. At times, the motive for tuning is usually adventure
and the need to experiment something else. Simply put, car tuning is
not something new today – it has undergone considerable transition to

Tuning of cars takes various directions. Some individuals will tune
their cars in order to increase the horsepower of the car. Others duly
want to boost the aesthetic value of their cars. Most people will
splash their cash so as redecorate the interiors with new items such
as TV monitors, laptops, and videos game systems and woofers.  The
list is endless. A large number will attempt doing the mentioned
things with the sole aim of distancing themselves from the rest. In
fact, the main intention is to create a class that is unreachable by
the majority.

The question here is whether the car tuning industry has good future
or not. More hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles have flooded the market.
Bearing that in mind, any one can foresee the fate of the tuning
industry as bleak. However, that is a misplaced notion. The changes
that occur in the car industry have a positive impact on the tuning
industries. Suffice it to say that those technological advancements
are embraced by these companies so as to fast track the modern trends.
These tuning industries sometimes create technologies that are
incorporated into the production models of car manufactures.

As a matter of fact, the future of car tuning industry appears
promising. The cars are here with us and there are no indicators that
these automobiles are going away. People will still want to feel the
new form of their vehicles hence the need for tuning time and again.
How manufacturers and dealers get rid of new unsold cars

Manufacturers of automobiles usually handle with a lot of care to
strike a balance between supply and demand. In some cases, the demand
usually surpasses the supply. The reverse is true in other cases-a
build up of inventories might be witnessed. More than often, such a
scenario culminates to slashing of prices. A company might even
explore other options going to an extent of offering finances at low
interest rates.

It is common for unsold automobiles to remain with the dealers while
awaiting a transaction. The dealers will carry forward inventories of
the previous year into the following financial year. Besides, they
will also have a current supply of the new model. Simply put, there,
might be inventories for the new models spanning four years. Although
the values of the vehicles might have dropped, they are still seen as

Both parties- manufacturers and dealers – are usually intent on
getting rid of the unsold models. When a model lies on the dealer lots
for long will certainly taint the image of the relevant brand. This
calls for quick sales at the slightest opportunity available. With
such a phenomenon, the manufacturers are tempted to persuade the
buyers by increasing incentives. The dealers will equally receive
secret incentives so as to have the unsold vehicles out of their lots.
All those shopping for cars should always be on the look-out for such
incentives to avoid being victims.

Some dealers in new cars might opt to get rid of them through public
auctions. Here, the concerned dealer provides an inventory of the
unsold models at an auction. During the auction, private parties or
other dealers might show interest in buying the vehicles. After being
auctioned, the state does not treat them as new. Other dealers donate
the unsold vehicles to charities where they take substantial tax cuts.
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