Treading Dangerously | 3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Old Tires NOW!

Treading Dangerously | 3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Old Tires NOW!

Treading Dangeously 3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Old Tires NOWMost car owners are conscientious when it comes to the maintenance of their vehicles. If there is anything they slack off on it is usually keeping track of their tire wear. This can be a deadly mistake. Here are three important reasons why you should ditch your old tires.

Increased Blowout Failure When Using Worn Tires
Even in good weather, driving on worn tires is like playing Russian Roulette. A tire failure is always unexpected and does not always have a happy outcome. In busy traffic your blowout, and subsequent lack of control, could cause a serious accident. If your tires are found to be worn, or damaged, you could be held financially responsible for damages to property and medical expenses of anyone injured.

Tendency for Worn Tires to Hydroplane on Wet Roads
When your car has worn tires, especially on the front wheels, sudden encounters with wet pavement can cause your tires to loose grip on the road. As hard as it may be to believe, your car is literally skimming across the top of the water on the road. This means temporary, but total, loss of control. As if that is not bad enough, when your car comes back in contact with dry pavement, the direction of your car can be instantly corrected. If the hydroplaning was severe this event can result in your car being thrown off the road, or even flipped in the air.

Extended Time to Brake and Stop and Extended Slides on Ice and Snow
When you have less than the recommended amount of tread left on your tires, you have put yourself and the other occupants of your car in danger. Worn tires take longer to come to a stop. They also increase the distance your car will slide when encountering black ice or snow on the highway. Worn tires are not able to channel water away from your tread and are extremely dangerous.

You can avoid these problems by taking some specific actions.
– Rotate your tires at least every five thousand miles.
– Keep your wheels in balance to save on uneven tire wear.
– Maintain proper tire pressure in your tires at all times.

You can protect yourself and save money by following these tips and by purchasing quality discount car tires from Keeping track of your tire wear can save your life and save you the expense of repairs in unnecessary accidents.

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