The Best Land Rovers in The World

The Best Land Rovers in The World

When you think of four wheel drive cars, or off road cars, the main thing that pops into most people’s heads is most likely Land Rover. Created by the now defunct Rover Company, to this day it still has a great name for being a reliable model for people looking for a four wheel drive car.

There have been several different versions and models since its debut in 1947. Based on the concept of the Jeep, it is easy to see where the Land Rover gets its design ideas from.

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1: 1949 Land Rover

Where better to start than with the original that started it all? Based upon the design of the American Jeep, the first Land Rover, known as the prototype J-model, was basically a Jeep with a Rover made engine. The pedals were floor mounted and underfoot, which did not make for a pleasant driving experience. There were also issues with the gear box and as such you had to double clutch when changing down to first or second gear. You had to press and release the clutch twice to select the lower gears.

To add to this, the engine wasn’t quite powerful enough to move the heavy frame of the Land Rover, which weighed in at 4,000 pounds.All in all, it was an unpleasant car to drive. So why is it on the list?

Well the answer is simple. It paved the way for better Landrovers in the future, without it we would not have the models we have today. At least Rover knew they were on to something when they made the first Land Rover. It may not have started well, but they improved greatly over the years. Would Land Rovers be as commerciallysuccessful today if they had started out better? Or would they have disappeared into the background like so many other car makes of that time period?

2:1971 Range Rover

One of the most popular Land Rover models of all time, the 1971 Range Rover was the first in a long line of luxuryfour wheel drive cars. It was launchedoriginally as a two door model;however later came out as a four door in 1981.

The first edition also came with rubber floors so that owners could easily clean the car out. The only carpet in the car was attached to the gear box and was there to drown out the noise of gear changes. Despite the car being pretty basic, the Range Rover was a hit with consumers as it was comfortable both to drive and to sit in. It also helped that the Queen was one of the earliest customers to buy the Range Rover, so anyone buying after that could feel as if they has similar tastes to the Queen. It gave a luxury feel to what was once a very basic model.

3: Land Rover Discovery

So far, there have been four different versions of the Land Rover Discovery, but here we take a look at version 2. This car is much more common on today’s roads compared to the other models and for good reason too. The series II discovery was launched in 1998, with the exterior being reworked to look less like a military vehicle and more like a personal car. It was the first of its make and model to be marketed as a family car, when previous models were more of a single person thing.Whilst not perfect by any means, it was a great improvement over previous models.

It is clear to see why and how Land Rover is a well-respected brand and car, when you look at its history and how it has developed over time, you can see that the manufacturer really care about improving each model as they go.

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