Here Is what You Need to Know if You Want to Drive Again after a DUI

Here Is what You Need to Know if You Want to Drive Again after a DUI

So you have had a DUI and you have been ordered to go to classes. This is a confusing time for you, and you feel as if you have entered some sort of rollercoaster. You are handed with bills left right and center that nobody seems to be able to explain, and things are really confusing. The top and bottom of it is this: pay everything you are told to pay, go to classes, get your SR22 insurance sorted and get your license back.

What Is SR22?

An SR22 is a piece of paper that your car insurance company sends to the DMV in order to prove that you are insured to at least the minimum required levels in the state. You must have an SR22 filing if you want to be able to drive when you are on driving probation.

How Long Will I Need an SR22?

Generally speaking, you will need it for as long as your probation, which is usually three years.

Is SR22 Insurance?

No, it is an addition. All cars have to have insurance. Only high risk drivers, such as those who have had a DUI or who were in an accident without having insurance, have to have insurance AND an SR22 filing.

How Can I Have My License Reinstated?

This is a four step approach:

  1. Make all the necessary payments, including court fees and fines. You should be able to come to some sort of payment arrangement for this.
  2. Enroll in a driving rehabilitation program that is accepted in your state.
  3. Pay the reinstatement fee to the DMV, usually $125.
  4. Find cheap SR22 insurance in California and have the insurance company file the SR22 with the DMV.

What if My SR22 Is Cancelled?

This will only happen if you do not pay your insurance premiums and are therefore not insured. Your insurance company will inform the DMV and your license will be revoked again.

What if I Don’t Have a Car?

If you don’t have your own car but do want to drive, you will need to start a non-owner’s insurance policy. You also need to have an SR22 filing with that.

Can I Get an SR22 for Free?

Yes. Some insurance companies do include the filing for free with their insurance packages. However, the cost of SR22 is usually only around $50, which isn’t expensive anyway. The real expense is in the insurance premiums. Because you will be classed as a high risk driver, you will find it more difficult to find an insurance company happy to work with you. Some insurance companies specialize in these types of cases, so you should be able to find something reasonably affordable. You will generally find that the companies who offer free SR22 filings tend to have much higher insurance premiums as well. As such, you should look at which one offers the best deal in terms of overall packages.

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