Car Talk: Should Girls Not Drive At All?

Car Talk: Should Girls Not Drive At All?

I don’t know about the rest of the girls out there, but I am somehow a bit irritated whenever some guy starts yelling and blowing his car’s horn whenever I am driving. To make things worse, I’ve heard stories of men drivers who tell female drivers to not drive a car because they’ll end up wrecking the poor vehicle within a few minutes. While sadly, most women are terrible drivers (I admit, the first few weeks of trying to learn how to drive was not that easy), there are some who are terrific drivers.


Are women doomed to become lousy car drivers? I really don’t think so. Compared with men, women tend to be easily distracted though, which is usually the main reason whenever a girl has a car accident. Whether it’s getting distracted because of a sudden call while driving or suddenly seeing something on the road that immediately called to your attention, women drivers really need to work on their attention span if you don’t want to get scolded by your boyfriend for crashing his car!

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If it’s your first time to practice driving, you may want to do this in the afternoon or during the time of the day when traffic is not too busy. You’ll most likely end up getting yelled by angry male drivers for taking too long to move your car along the highway. It will also do you good to have someone who really knows how to drive go together with you. In case you start having a panic attack. For those who don’t know, learning how to drive a car can be a very stressful experience for us girls. We need to memorize how to shift gears and how to look at the traffic lights and all these might be too much to take! Therefore, have a driver friend go along with you on your first day of driving a car.

So the bottom line here is that women can drive as good as men, but we just need to make ourselves more alert and attentive to everything that is going on down the road. Of course, both girls and guys would agree when I say that if you’re not too careful enough, you’ll most likely crash the car that you’ve borrowed money through title loans just to buy one through monthly installments!

I remembered one time when I was still practicing on driving my vehicle when I suddenly took the wrong turn while driving back home. Of course, imagine the panic and sheer terror that I felt, since I have no idea where I was. Unfortunately, I did not bring my mobile phone because I found it too much o f a hassle while learning how to drive. You can just imagine how helpless I felt while I asked everyone whom I barely knew while trying to figure out how to get home. Ever since that incident, I made sure to always be attentive and alert while driving, since I got my car through a loan.

One thing that made me realize is that I always have to keep myself aware of my surroundings when driving. Funny thing is that, after the whole fiasco, I ordered a shirt from a well known T shirt designer with the words “Remember 03/08/08”

Make sure that your car’s insurance is up-to-date. You really are going to need it all the time, especially if you’re not yet too comfortable in driving your own car.

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